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Long-term experience, excellent understanding of technology and a profound know how in the field of electronic development are the key features of Krieger MIS. We consider us to be a reliable partner in the development of electronic products and electronic components used for measuring, monitoring and controlling in the industrial environment.

Along with our early assistance in strategic and conceptual development, we also support you in the concrete implementation of already available specifications as a development service provider.

About us

Krieger MIS was founded in 2011 and is based in Groß-Zimmern right in front of the gates of the city of science Darmstadt. Krieger MIS GmbH is a information and technology company and provides industrial software and hardware solutions. We focus on the realization of customized individual solutions in the aspects of measuring, controlling, operating as well as mobile machine-to-machine and industrial IoT application.

Our performance spectrum includes:

Electronic Development and Embedded Systems

Electronic development

On behalf of industry and research institutions we develop high-class electronic systems in form of embedded systems. Through the usage of Linux CPS System-On-Modul (SOM) we considerably decrease the project risks and help provide simultaneously market maturity for your product.

Considering projects with slight requirements concerning the CPU performance, we achieve an ideal solution regarding functionality and cost effectiveness thanks to the implementation of 32 bit ARM microcontrollers.

Proof-of-concept → Prototyping → marketable product (market maturity)

The production of functional patterns and prototypes is part of our job as well as the evaluation of solution concepts for a specific use case. In individual optimization processes (iteration in the scope of agile development processes) we continually improve the product until it gains market maturity.

Transformation into the mass production

At the end of the development processes the mass production there is the preparation of the mass production with the project delivery to the producer of the final product (including the production of necessary documents, specifications and so on).

What we can do for you:

Industrial IoT Solutions

  • Analysis of your use cases on feasibility, energy requirements, duration, costs, etc.
  • Advice on choosing a suitable Low Power IoT Wireless Connectivity Technology (LPWAN), LoRaWAN, Sigfox, NB-IoT
  • Development of IoT devices according to your specifications and applications
  • Development and realization of ultra-low power concepts, battery and rechargeable battery (Lithium / Alkaline) qualification, energy harvesting
  • Evaluation and development of industrial measurement and sensor applications
  • Antennas simulation and design
  • Validation and verification of the IoT device according to your specifications and valid standards (possibly also accompanying the development)
  • Setting up an IoT cloud infrastructure for a proof-of-concept operation

Embedded Mikrocontroller Systeme

  • Analysis of the requirements, preparation of the concept and specifications (as required)
  • Selection of a suitable microcontroller from the low-power ARM Cortex M0 + to the high-performance ARM Cortex-M7
  • Development and implementation of ultra-low-power features and 24/7 continuous operation (also in sleep mode)
  • Development of Peripheral Circuitry - Analog - Digital - Data Communication
  • Creation of the software model and implementation in the C programming language
  • perform tests and create the documentation

Embedded Linux Systems

  • Analysis of requests, creation of the concept and functional specification document (as required)
  • Selection of the appropriate hardware platform
  • Development of the peripheral hardware design
  • Adjustment of Linux operating system and production of device drivers and core modules
  • Creation of software models (OOA/OOD) and implementation (OOP) in the programming languages C/C++ and Java
  • Execution of tests and creation of documents.

Hardware Development

  • Analysis of requests, creation of the concept and functional specification document (as required)
  • Layout of analog- and digital circuit, printed circuit board layout extraction
  • Device construction
  • Exemplary placement and transformation into mass production
  • Implementation of qualifying examination and creation of documents

Software Development

  • Analysis of requests, creation of the concept and functional specification document (as required)
  • Creation of software models (OOA/OOD) and implementation (OOP) in the programming languages C/C++ and Java
  • Execution of tests and creation of documents.

Krieger MIS is your strategic technology partner

We provide not only early assistance in strategic and conceptual development, but also as a development service provider we support customers in concrete implementation of already available specifications.We advise and support industry and research institute with the development of customized individual solutions. By doing so, our clients benefit from more than 20 years of profound and wide technology know how.

We know what we are talking about!
And we are pleased to pass our knowledge on to our clients.

During the implementation we rely on agile project management approaches. Through the iterative setup of respectively full functioning partial solutions, new insights can be incorporated in the product development at any time (even in later development phases) and thus represent a crucial competition.

What we can do for you:

  • Strategic consulting, identification of potential of optimization, concept development
  • Elaboration of specific solution approaches within the scope of concept workshops
  • Construction of demand analyses, energy demand analyses, cost analyses
  • Recommendation of fitting technology solutions based on significant determining factors such as costs, duration, energy demand, lifespan and so on



IoT-Connector für den Mittelstand

IoT-Connector für den Mittelstand

Schnellstart in die Industrie 4.0 mit der IO:EdgeConnectBox

Die IO:EdgeConnectBox ist ein frei konfigurierbares IoT-Gateway, welches bereits vorhandene Produktionsanlagen und Maschinen schnellen und kostengünstig mit der Cloud verbindet. Aber damit nicht genug! Das System kann noch mehr...

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Vernetzte Sensoren: Die Nervenbahnen im Internet der Dinge

Vernetzte Sensoren: Die Nervenbahnen im Internet der Dinge

Entwickler und Planer von IoT-Anwendungen kommen heute nicht mehr um die Frage nach der “richtigen” Funktechnik für ihre IoT-Geräte herum. Ganz gleich, ob es sich um eine intelligente Gebäudeautomatisierung im Smart Home Bereich oder um ein Funknetzwerk im industriellen Umfeld zur Steuerung von Produktionsabläufen handelt. In jedem Fall werden Daten dezentral von Sensoren erfasst und an eine zentrale Stelle gesendet - und dies möglichst energieeffizient, sicher und schnell. 

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Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems

Entwicklung und Anwendungsbeispiele

Was ist ein Embedded System?

Embedded Systems (oder auf Deutsch: eingebettete Systeme) sind kleine Computersysteme, die als eine Art “Mini-Computer” innerhalb einer größeren Anwendung eingebettet sind und dort speziell an die Erledigung einer anwendungsspezifische Aufgaben “im Hintergrund” angepasst sind.

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